My name is Jarid Lyfe Brown.

Instead of reaching for some unrealistic mystical meaning to go with my art I choose to notice the moments that already exist or that I imagine. Those ideas may be learned from general history or present personal experiences. I try not to take them for granted because they can be quite amazing as well as a good source of teaching. The art I make almost always comes into fruition in real time as I work, and I allow it to do so because of the spectrum of emotions that pass while the act of work is going on. 


Where I am from. Where I am at. 

I was born in 1974 in Atlanta, GA and moved to South Carolina in 1980. 

I studied painting at The SCAD in Savannah, GA.

I have been painting for over 20 years, with shows in SC, GA, NC, VA, MI.

Today, I live and paint in SC with my beautiful wife, one son, and two daughters.

A short version of my life and art made it into a local magazine. Book 4.

BELOW IS A PICTURE OF ME WHEN I AM FULL OF EXCITEMENT.                                

(Photo credit goes to my friend Lucas Brown- )